We had a chance to help Sweet Dreams in a Bag for the holidays. We helped over 50 families get bedding for their little ones! What a special experience for our students too. A big Thank You to Susie and Wayne for such a meaningful experience for all of our TEP students and volunteers!


"Sweet Dream in a Bag is a Public Charity, 501(c)(3), that gifts

children living in poverty with a bedding package consisting of

a twin comforter, sheets, fl eece blanket, pillow, stu ed toy, tooth

brush, tooth paste and a small wooden toy car. During the gifting

event the children receive a personalized story book that is read to

them by a volunteer. The book is an encouraging story named “You

Are Awesome”.

One of the organizations that volunteered to help children with

Sweet Dream in a Bag is The Elevation Project. We were pleasantly

surprised with this outstanding group of youths that listened to

instruction, engaged in reading, and cared for the children and

their families. The students were motivated and excited to engage

in our project and their friendly interaction with the children and

their families made the event fabulous. It was apparent that this

organization is headed by leaders that understand youth, and know

how to bring out the best in each one of their students.

Sweet Dream recognizes the benefi ts of this outstanding program

to not only help and encourage youths in their growth, but engage

them in all kinds of di erent learning activities, while helping the

communities they live in. Sweet Dream in a Bag highly endorses

this organization for providing such positive learning experiences

that are shaping the lives of youths in our communities. We would

highly recommend any support and engagement with

this organization."

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