On January 28th We had the opportunity to work with the Bird Conservancy at Barr Lake! Here is our student's reflection post written by Emilee:

Trying new things causes you to learn new things! We learned about irrigation and how snow melt affects the lakes and rivers in Colorado. We also learned that Barr Lake is a watershed and is an important body of water for animals and farmers. There is a lot of trash coming into the lake from the rivers. Interesting to find out that plastic does not break down ever, so when it ends up in the lake it stays in the lake until something eats it, or someone removes it. We didn't clean the whole lake, but we got a lot of trash from the area we did work on, and the amount of trash was ridiculous! After picking up trash, it was a great reward to go on a bird watching hike, and see some of the animals we were helping today. We had a lot of fun trying to identify the different bird species with our guide Sherry. Afterwards it felt great to know we made a difference, cannot wait to find out where we are volunteering next! EB

Thank you Sherry for taking time to talk with our students about the wonderful work that Barr Lake is doing. We look forward to working with you al again!

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