We can't do what WE do
without YOUR support.


In order to further the mission of our organization and keep costs down for students and families, we rely heavily on donations. 100% of your donations are used to either grow our staff and expand our reach through our operating budget, or fund service trips and expeditions through our student scholarship fund. Our goals are only achievable with your support! Here's a more detailed look at what we plan to do:

1-3 Year Goals

1. Continue to grow the TEP network throughout all 
    high schools in Colorado

2. Expand into the surrounding states of the

3. Hire a full time volunteer coordinator, curriculum
    and enrollment directors. 

4. Run annual week long environmental based     
    summer camp with citizen science projects and
    leadership development. Achieved in 2017!


3-5 Year Goals

1. Expand into the surrounding Midwest states

2. Develop annual student led leadership
    conference based on global thinking Achieved in 2019!

3. Run a summer program in Baja, CA for students to
    develop 6 core values with a big focus on cultural
    awareness and community engagement. 


5-10 Year Goals

1. Have representing TEP students in all 50
    United States. 

2. Implement an international exchange program          with students from the countries TEP serves.         
    Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic,
    and USA

As always, feel free to call or email us with questions.